Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy.....But Not Dead

I've been hard at work focusing on creative, fulfilling activities like taxes and corporate paperwork. Sorry for the break in posts.

Argus is just fine.
I'll post an update tomorrow.



Sport's Mom said...

I. Hate. Taxes.

Anonymous said...

glad you all are doing okay...can't wait until tax season is over...ugh!

Anonymous said...

Ick! Took care of mine on Saturday, the AARP (Yes, I'm a member, but I don't FEEL that old!) was doing free tax service at our local library. I was early. LOL Wanted to make sure I got mine done. And you don't have to be an AARP member. I just really liked the "free" part! Good luck with yours, I dread this time of year. Glad Argus is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Hi I was reading when Argus was sick with pigeon fever.just found and abccess on my geldings chest (I am in Sacramento) just occurred to me Pigeon fever is usually a summer/fall thing. My vet said he saw 2 cases yesterday? Did your vet think it odd Argus had it in the winter? Are you seeing cases over there? I thought maybe because Argus was weakened he got it at a off time of year? but we may be in for a tough pigeon fever year ?

PaintedPromise said...

glad to hear you are still among us!!!