Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Argus Toes The Line

Today Argus received his second-ever hoof trim. He was a good boy, trusting CHANGE program volunteer, barefoot trimmer Linda Cowles, to go slow and easy. He was quite suspicious at first, but horses like Linda and try their best for her.

Our goal was to get Argus to let Linda pick up all four feet. We did better than that! Argus trusted Linda so much, he fell asleep while she picked up his feet. She was able to rasp all four feet ---- not a complete trim, but a great start that lays the foundation for good farrier skills for Argus.

For more information on barefoot trimming, and Linda Cowles, please visit her website at www.healthyhoof.com

Argus is a bit standoffish at first, taking cookies from me, but ignoring Linda.
You can tell by the look on his face that he is not too sure about this!
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Here he is softening a bit and does not move away when Linda touches him.
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Argus relaxes, taking a few deep breaths. At first, he was starting to hold his breath, getting ready to flee. He even gave thought to rearing a bit, but Linda kept her smiley demeanor, and Argus soon melted.
She is avoiding looking directly into his eyes, which he might perceive as a threat.
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Argus is now comfortable and trusts Linda, a total stranger, to pick up his feet and hold them. Odie the mule provides moral support just inches away.
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Argus begins to consider napping while having his pedicure. He held each foot up for Linda like he had been doing this all his life!
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Kyryah said...

Having worked with horses that have been abused and neglected myself (although never on this scope,)I full know what an accomplishment this was for Argus! Linda looks like a wonderful person, and I am so glad for him that he is learning to trust more and more people. This horse deserves a place next to the greats... He really is the spirit of the horse.

barrelracer20x said...

Aw, Argus is such a trooper! He's such a testament to patience and faith--he has every reason in the world to be sullen and NOT like people, but he continues to shine! I love seeing the updates, they're truly heartwarming.

Anonymous said...

It's so exciting to see that this horse UNDERSTANDS that you have helped and are helping him. He UNDERSTANDS that the people who come to visit him are helping too. That's great! In such a horse period of time, this intelligent horse has relearned his previous encounters with people to know they don't mean him harm. That's so incredible!

Anonymous said...

It would be understandable, after what he has been through, if Argus never trusted humans again...but he has. He is an amazing horse.
Horses seem to be very forgiving animals. They put up with ALOT.

Please give Argus extra pets and kisses from cas in Louisiana!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a lover of all animals.I never knew it took so much to raise a horse. I was thoroughly engrossed in your posts, I read EVERY one of them. I had tears in my eyes every time Argus had a breakthrough! It just breaks my heart to know that other kinds of animals are going through all kinds of horrors and neglect.
Embarrassing sometimes to be called human....
I got here through Asti on Multiply.
I'll definitely be back.

Anonymous said...

May I just say I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog, and found it both heart breaking and incredibly inspiring. Thank goodness for people like you