Thursday, December 20, 2007


Yesterday, Argus had his first turnout session in the big arena. He was so calm and level headed --- Argus just rolled, and rolled, and rolled.....and then rolled some more. I think he rolled 10 times in all. He and I are working a lot on leading skills in the arena, and he is doing GREAT!!

Today, I decided to put Argus out with Ridge, my 21-year-old gray Thoroughbred (another rescue horse). Ridge and Argus are buddies. Here are the two geldings greeting another gray, our 29-year-old Arabian, Deema, who curiously approached the arena fence. Argus is the one in the halter:

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Argus and Ridge had such a nice time together. To think, this is one of the few times in Argus' life that he has been turned out with another horse. He had perfect manners. This was the happiest I have seen him since he came to Watermark Farm:

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Relaxed and happy:

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Michele said...

hehe, noticed the other gelding sticking his tongue out. How cute!

He may be rolling so much to realign his spine and such. After 16 years of being unable to roll, I can imagine this feels great to him!

I hope you continue to keep us updated!

kerrie said...

He is huge! And such a beauty! His eyes are so full of life and joy. I can imagine how much joy YOU get from just watching this magnificent horse discovering how wonderful life can be. Every day is Christmas! Wish I could be there with you!


Bridget Pilloud said...

I am so happy that he's getting along with other horses. That's cool.

PaintedPromise said...

gotta laugh at Ridge, that's the second picture of him with his tongue out!