Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saving Argus: How a horse survived 10 years in prison

This is the story of a grey Thoroughbred gelding named "Argus."

For his first 16 years, Argus lived on the ranch where he was born. His owner, an animal hoarder, kept him locked in a tiny pen for 10 of those years.

He was never taken out, or touched.

He lived in his own waste, becoming more frantic and neurotic with time. Argus was fed very little hay. His water was filthy. He was fed stale bread and rotting produce. Rats crawled everywhere. He was covered with matted hair; cement-like mud and manure. The stench of his pen was unbearable. Argus died inside.

Finally, after more than a decade of complaints to Animal Control, Argus was released from his prison, and taken to our farm for foster care and rehabilitation.

The date was Thursday, December 6, 2007. What follows is the story of his journey from Hell to Heaven.


NOT the FUM that Blogs FUGLY said...
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Susan said...

Left comments for you on COTH board, but am trying to register here, too. I followed the saga of Argus and Ridge here for the entire time you had Argus. He was finally out of his prison and in a place which must have seemed like Heaven to him. Thank you for giving Argus and Ridge a special home in which they could learn what human kindness was. It is bittersweet that you lost them both on the same day; they are surely together, but I know the loss is profound for you. Bless you all. susan