Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Housewife, A Vet, and a Giant Leap of Faith: Argus Arrives at Watermark Farm

"I'm just connecting with people who might be able to help," said the vet on the other end of the phone. "We are going to take these two Thoroughbreds. They have lived in pens for over 10 years. The gray one is in bad shape. I need an experienced foster home that could give him a chance."

I had no idea this phone call from a local vet contracted to provide Animal Control services would lead to the arrival of a shaking, skinny, filthy and matted grey Thoroughbred gelding: Argus.

But I found myself saying "Bring that horse to me. I will see what I can do."

You could smell the horses before you could see them. Two geldings, one bay and one gray, huddled, shaking, in a horse trailer. The hauler quickly offloaded the gray horse. The bay was headed for a nice new home.

The gray was headed for me.

Wild-eyed, somewhat halter broke, I dragged the stunned gelding toward my barn, praying I could hustle him inside.

He was in shock. He had no idea anything like an outside world existed. Nothing but the madness of being locked up, and the filth and the stench.

I placed him in a safe stall & paddock. He stood forlornly in the paddock, head high, looking off into the distance. He shook violently, and weaved, rocking back and forth rhythmically.

That night, a cold rain. Argus was afraid to go inside, perhaps afraid he might be locked up again, here in this strange new place. He stood outside, shivering so violently that I thought he would fall down. I could not get near enough to blanket him; I could only check him all night and hope that he made it.

He did.

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Anonymous said...

i just started reading at the beginning. oh man.

Nancy said...

wow this almost made me cry, I know this is an old old post, but he is beautiful.