Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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See next post for court case update.


sunbake said...

Katie -

Did you get copies of the articles yet? Unfortunately, I'm not a subscriber to those mags. But, would it be worth a shot to call or email them directly and request they send you the articles? Maybe when they hear what you need them for, they would get them in your hands 'gratis'.

Good luck with the court hearing. Argus cannot speak for himself, but you and Dr. Miller are his voice.

SOSHorses said...

Why on earth is that woman not facing a trial? How is that she gets to have a private trial in the judges chambers?

cdncowgirl said...

I don't understand, is a private trial more lenient?

ezra_pandora said...

justanortherngirl at gmail dot com

The above is the email to someone that probably has a copy. On her blog she stated she read the article in her daughter's AQHA magazine. I don't have it, but if you email her, she just might.

buckpony said...

Boy, I sure wish I could help with the article, but I do not subscribe to anything but Practical Horseman and Equus...I will be praying for you guys and hoping this person gets punished to the full extent of the law for what they did to Argus.

A friend nominated my blog for this award, and I wanted to share it with you http://pikeroadgirl.blogspot.com.
(Please forgive me - I do not know how to post a link in the comments yet...)

Thank you Katie, for all that you do for these horses.

Anonymous said...

May the light and love of ST. Francis be with you in the court room. He loves the animals and will help you if you allow him. And may the angel that has their wings wrapped around you Katie, hold on tighter to give you the strenghth to continue your wonderful doings. God Blessed the animals in Sonoma County!
Hugs, Patti C., CT.

SOSHorses said...

AGGGHHH, the waiting is killing me. You have to tell us something soon or my head is going to explode. LOL