Friday, October 17, 2008

Katie Gets Her Day In Court

Do you live in Sonoma County? Do you have time to attend part of a trial next week? The trial "People v. Barrera & Valencia" is scheduled to start Monday, October 20. Salvador Barrera and Laura Leticia Valencia have been charged with felony animal cruelty. They are accused of starving three horses, one of whom died.

Katie, who has been profiled in earlier blog entries, was one of their horses. She survived by eating tree bark and her own feces.

Please visit the Sonoma CHANGE Program legal message board for trial schedule and details. If you live in the area and can attend, they'd love to have you. Filling up the courtroom sends the message to everyone that animal abuse will not be tolerated, and it will not be kept secret.

Thank you!


pchoofinit said...

Can I fedex you a cardboard copy of myself to take to court? I wished I could be there to support Katie. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Katie--wish for the best outcome in this trial! Hope they don't get away!


Strawberry Lane said...

If I were closer, I'd be there for the duration of this kind of trial!

Hope they get the punishment they deserve. Hope the judge/jury are animal people!

I just rescued a starving horse. There is nothing worse and no excuse.
Help is always available, somewhere.

JoyJumper said...

So many of us, from all over the country, can't be there in court; but know that we are with you heart and soul.

Evergrey said...

Hi there!
I'm sorry that this is off-topic, but wow, your horse looks kind of like mine!
Solomon is a rescue horse, and I sure wish I could find out where he came from. Here's my blog about him:
I don't suppose you happen to know this horse, or know anyone who does, do you?

Tinkerslady said...
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Tinkerslady said...

WOOHOO, the guy is in JAIL after being found guilty! Too bad the jury hung against the woman. :(

Holly said...

ah Katie, you are one of the lucky ones.