Monday, January 12, 2009

The Weather Gods Are Kind To Argus

"It's creepy warm" I thought as I stepped outside early this morning. Our drought-dry winter continues, with temperatures expected to top 72 degrees today. The pastures are dry and beautiful. Rain seems nowhere in sight.

Secretly, I am relieved. This warm weather feels like a blessing from Heaven because it makes life Argus easier and more pleasant. He basks under the sun all day with a (finally) relieved look on his face.

Today, Argus continues his fight, and he continues to make small strides every day. I had to discontinue the injectable antibiotic, Naxcel, over the weekend because Argus was having more and more local reactions to it. When I walked out to the barn early Sunday morning and saw large swollen patches all over his neck and shoulders, I knew it was time to stop. So he's on Rifampin and TMS (a sulfa drug) now, which was the plan all along. Horses can only tolerate Naxcel for a certain period of time; Argus got 11 days of it. Success!

Argus is perkier and eats more. He's spooky when I walk him, and alert. The other day, I saw him playing with Half Pint over the fence. These are all very good signs. Still, I must be vigilant, because all the on-again, off-again swelling is a possible sign, according to the vet, that an internal abscess may be somehow inpinging on the lymph system. Dr. Miller suspects Argus' internal abscess is inside his chest. The potential abscesses on Argus' chest faded away into nothing --- phantom abscesses that got our hopes up. Now, one on the side of his neck taunts me...

On Wednesday, Dr. Miller will come to draw blood. This blood panel will tell us how well his body is fighting the internal pigeon fever. For those Dr. Miller fans out there, I will try to take lots of pictures of this fascinating procedure.... ;)


Rose said...

It's so good to read about Argus. I'm glad he is enjoying the weather and his buddies. Are you still orange? Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

excaliber813 said...


So happy to hear Argus has sunshine and warmth. I imagine those fit into the equasion perfectly!

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”

Argus has many short races to go, but he has already won several of them!!!
Thank you for updating all of his FANS!
Prayers that the coming days will bring healing.


Sport's Mom said...

Good Luck Argies! :):):)

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for Argus!!


Keisha said...

Long time reader, first time commenting. My own gelding is facing quite the battle himself (with something that neither my vet or Oklahoma State can figure out) and I found myself nodding in agreement with the comment about lasting 11 days on Naxcel. My guy made it four on the liquid gold before the local reactions became too much. I pray that Argus will make it through this and enjoy a very long, healthy life with you.

Sport's Mom said...

Oh, Keisha! I hope your boy gets better!

Argus' Mom said...


I'd love to hear more about your experience with Naxcel and local reactions. Please email me at


kbryan said...

Glad to Argus has improved in some ways. I know there is a long way to go. We really appreciate your updates, we understand that you have a lot to keep up with. Please keep us in the loop as far as funding needed for Argus. You take care, and get some rest.

excaliber813 said...

Argus & Katie,

Prayers for a good report from the blood panels being drawn tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I agree about the sun, seems like it makes everything a little better. Glad to hear Argus is making progress, as slow as it is. I echo the comment about thanks for keeping us in the loop, know you have a lot of your hands during the day. I was thinking maybe you had faded to a lovely shade of peach by now. :o)

Hang in there! KarenTX

Anonymous said...

Keep healing Argus!! I tried to post after the last blog, but had some online issues (my side, not blogger). Anyway, you have to do something stupid to win a Darwin Award - so you are safe! I hope you are able to keep that sense of humor though!
Thanks for keeping us posted. Prayers and warm wishes to Argus, you and the rest of Watermark.

Katie's Colorado Mom

Sport's Mom said...

Hope Argies is OK!

Annalivia said...

I read your blog, holding my breath. If wishes could heal, he'd be fine in 5 minutes.

You guys are in my thoughts.

GoLightly said...

Just catching up.
I was a little skeered to come and look, honestly. Wishing & praying as hard as I can, for Argus and you.

Here's a dumb question, and if you shake your head at it, I apologize. Do warm compresses help?
A gelding I rode had a terrible reaction to an invermectin shot, this was years ago. He could hardly raise his head, the poor thing. I soaked hot towels, and wrapped them on his neck. He really seemed to appreciate it.

Would that help with Argus? Sorry, if you've already mentioned that, as I say, I'm a bit behind.

Please, keep that sun shining on Argus, Lord.

All the best.