Friday, May 30, 2008

Odie The Mule Shows Off

As promised (and by the emails received, much anticipated!), photos of Odie The Mule with his 13-year-old rider, Demi, at the recent Marin County Pony Club Horse Show.

Odie LOVES to jump, will jump just about anything, and is the ultimate "packer" over fences. Like many mules, he's a powerful, scopey jumper capable of much larger and more complex fences than these. With his former owner, he was shown over 3'9" courses.

Demi studies the outside course. She's nervous because Odie can be naughty on the cross country course. He once decided to go back to the trailer halfway through.

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Tired Odie enjoys one of many second place ribbons earned last weekend, surrounded by the usual throng of mule admirers. He's a real curiosity at shows! Does Odie tell Argus about his adventures away from home? I like to think so.

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cdncowgirl said...

I love the second from last pic. Odie just looks like he's thinking "Yeah, THAT'S how you do that!"
Mules aren't too common around here so I haven't met one myself, although I've heard a good mule is lovely to ride.

wvfarmgirl said...

What a cutie! I kept trying to picture him in my head, but didn't come close. In that last picture he looks like he's taking a much deserved snooze. Argus must be so proud of his little buddy!

Mrs Mom said...


He really looks great out there. I can see him doing 3'9"... and then darting off to where ever his sweet little Mule heart tells him to go...hehehe...

He has got to be one heck of a character, and a joy to have around. Bet he fills Argus in on all kinds of fun he has had over the years ;)

Joy said...

Lovely!! Side note, and you may have mentioned it already & I missed it, but I saw that your blog was quoted in the AQHA journal this month. Congratulations!!!!! I was very excited to see that.

Holly said...

awwwww, what a cutie he is

js said...

I have heard mules are good jumpers but I had never actually seen one jump. He is so cute! I love his spots.

Anonymous said...

He is a cool clever little creature. I bet he is a joy to be around. I hope to one day have a gaited mule. That's my dream...but they are very expensive in this area.

I'm pleased to see Argus doing so well.

JoyJumper said...

Following the story of Argus is the highlight of my day. And oooh, that Odie is quite a looker!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea mules were that versatile! Learn something new everyday :) I hope Argus and his family are well.

Allison in Seattle

barbara said...

Odie is very handsome, great proportions. And a jumper...I had no idea mules did that; his rider is doing a great job too. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures.

PaintedPromise said...

great post! love to see that mule, he's such a cutie!! congrats to Demi too :)

Anonymous said...

Being a pony club mom, I can appreciate the love your daughter must have for Odie. The competition as to who has the best looking horse, matching tack, etc. is very tough. Especially for the girls! To have your daughter so proudly "do" it all with Odie, who is not the norm, is wonderful. Not keeping up with the Jones is a good thing. To be able to by yourself, is wonderful. Thank you for all your wonderful posts, Katie. I too check it every day.
Patti C. Connecticut

KD said...

Go Odie !! Several of my trail riding buddies swear by their mules and have ridden them across the State of Florida on the historic Cracker Trail Ride. Odie looks like he does whatever in style.

Longears Lover said...

Great photos. Mules are wonderful and it's great to see them out being promoted, showing off their great skills. Keep up the good work.