Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Showtime!!

Odie the mule has been discovered by the Discovery Channel! Tomorrow we trailer him to Marin County for a taping for the show "Mythbusters." Story and photos to come!

July and August bring the wheels of justice to Argus and Katie. On August 12th, Argus' former owner will stand trial in Sonoma County on four counts of animal cruelty. If you live in the area and would like to attend the trial, please email me.

In addition, Katie's former owner will have a pre-trial hearing in late July. His case will not likely go to trial. I will be attending both events.


"Katie" is a super mare! Wow! She is mellow, kind and easy to work with, and she LOVES people. I have lunged her, tied her, and bathed her, and she accepts all with ease. She is a cute mover with metronome cadence and rhythm. She is going to be a fun partner for someone. Katie is incredibly well proportioned, with a huge heart girth and a big, powerful hind end. I could see her as an eventer, lower level dressage horse, hunter, and trail mount. Katie will be attending the Hoofbeats Park schooling show this weekend as an observer.

Once Katie has had some chiropractic work (she is "out" in her atlas and sacrum), I will start hopping on her and see just how green she is...

Argus had a visit from a friend of mine yesterday, a woman who is internationally known for her work with horses. She looked at Argus, said "He has a headache, and his close-up vision is poor." Very interesting, because Argus DOES have a headache a lot due to issues with his atlas (first certical vertebra) wanting to be out of alignment. It gets fixed periodically with chiropractic adjustment, and Argus feels better --- but he is definitely due for some work. I thought the vision comment was interesting ---- could Argus have overdeveloped his distance vision and lost some of his ability to focus on things up close? Is that a result of chronic spinal issues?

I felt my maternal hackles pop up just a bit, though. At times, I feel very defensive of Argus because people tend to point out all the things that are "wrong" with him --- right in front of him. I find myself wanting to clutch Argus to my chest, like a protective mama bear, all the while growling "Don't you say anything critical about my Argus. He's PERFECT!"

I like to think that Argus understands words, energy and gestures, and needs, like any creature, to feel accepted. So I stand alone out in the pasture and tell him how fine he is. Feeling good about who we are is all any of us want, whether we are close to perfect --- or not.


KD said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Odie on Mythbusters ! A star is born !

buckpony said...

Oh Katie, you are an angel. I wish I had the privilege of meeting you in person, as well as Argus, Odie, Katie and the rest of your crew. What you do is extraordinary. My kids LOVE MythBusters, so we will be totally tuned in watching for Odie!! Keep up your amazing feats defending the horses. I am becoming a big fan of yours and Fugly's. (I found your blog through Fugly's site.) Please give Argus a hug and let him know he is very loved - by people who only know him through a blog.

Susan said...

Please tell Argus there are many, many of us out there who think he is very special and there isn't a thing wrong with him. I am the same way about my own horses; lol, I don't care what you say about me but don't you dare dis my horses!!!

I will be there with you in spirit on August 12th. I am normally a bleeding heart liberal but I might ask for the death penalty in this case ;))

Please keep us updated on Odie's impending stardom and when to watch!

You are the best Katie, thank you for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are spoiling us this month. I found this blog from Fugly's site and love how you've told Argus' story. You've really been a wonderful voice for him. I don't watch TV so I don't know about Mythbusters - but I hope it all goes well.

Colorado Argus Fan

Anonymous said...

So excited for Odie! Your daughter must be soooo proud!
I don't think, no I know, I wouldn't be able to look at the itiot who jailed Argus and Bobbie + the others, without beating the heck out of him/her. I am a true believer of doing onto them as they did to others. Lock them up in a closet for the next 16 years, giving them dirty water and scraps of occasional food. No bathing or hygienic supplies. Let them sit on their own waste. I'd be the one to lock the door! And I'd sleep VERY well every night for the next 16 years! Sigh. Our country gives more rights to the criminals and not the victims. Sad.
Good luck to Odie. Hugs to Argie.
Patti C., Connecticut

Zhuria said...

Holy CRAP! Mythbusters! Do you know the air date? *flails* That is so amazing.

I read your blog every day, I'm so happy to see Argus' progress and you write so beautifully. <3

Anonymous said...

What you are doing is amazing and your posts bring me to tears.
From a metaphysical point of view I can understand Argus having better distance vision than close vision. As you have said, when he was locked up, to keep him sane, he gazed into the distance and got his sustenance from that. That which was close to him in his prison was something he would not want to see.
I do believe our animals understand the energy of everything we say too. You are so right!!

spotteddrafter said...

Mythbusters?!?! *squeeeal* I love that, I LOOOOOVE that show! Will any of the others, ahem..ARGUS..., make an appearance??? :)

Pony Girl said...

Awww...that is so very touching. Yes, you have positive energy to send Argus's way!
I just had chiro work on my gelding yesterday, for the first time. It was an interesting experience. He had today off, but I am curious to go see him tomorrow and see if he appears to be feeling better!
And GO Odie!!

Della said...

Katie -
Thank you, thank you for this wonderful blog. I check in most every day to see how Argus is doing, and to follow his amazing journey. You write beautifully.

Della said...
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sunbake said...

Katie - first off, hope you are not getting too terribly affected by the fires. I understand evacuations are now underway in parts of Northern Cal. As for the woman who will go to trial - I hope a good number of local horselovers in your area show up as a sign of support for Argus (and not least) for all you've done to give Argus back his life.

Sounds like he is loving every minute of his new world. Thank you for the giving such a wonderful gift to Argus!

Totally Timmy said...

I just read your blog for the first time and am so impressed with your devoyion to these horses. I also have done rescue work and it is such a gut-wrenching yet rewarding thing to do. Unfortunately I get so attached I cannot adopt them out so they stay with me forever.
I know that Angus must think you are his guardian angel and I wish him and the rest of your gang the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

WOW, Odie is a celebrity! How neat is that? Please keep us updated on how the taping goes and when the airing is!

My best to you and your family, I hope the trial goes well. It takes a sick person to do things like that to animals like Argus. They shouldn't get any less than what someone who does this to a human being.