Monday, January 14, 2008

Tasting Freedom

It's taken nearly a week for Argus to figure out that he can exit his own paddock and enter his "private pasture." Private mud-hole is more like it, but in January at WATERmark Farm, we do our best to deliver.

This morning, he was covered with mud (a sure and blessed sign that he is going out there to lay down). This afternoon, he looked me in the eye and then marched out through the gate, glancing back to make sure I was watching. I clapped and cheered as he paraded on out toward the vineyard. He seems fairly relaxed, and curious, and is eating tidbits of grass and looking like a regular horse!

This photo shows you how we've set up "Argus' Pasture." I cordoned off an area approximately 40 feet by 200 feet using portable electric fencing. It lies directly at the back of Argus' stall/paddock area, so he can enter his little pasture 24 hours a day, then return back to his "safe haven" at any time. He is most sensible in the mud and deep footing (he saves his bucks and gallops for his turnout time in the all-weather arena):

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A happy eye:

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A happily muddy boy:

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katie and Argus-----I just found this and am sitting here with tears of disgust and joy that you were saved by Katie------you are an awfully special boy and I hope for a wonderful future. Before I moved 2mos ago, I reported a questionable abused horse---the second time---he was supposedly evaluated and it was a "bogus" report------i still see him in my heart and hope that what they told me is true and he is eally getting adequate care. I had to give up my greyhound 2 yrs ago, as my health was causing my dog pain and he could not "help" me-------i didn't think it was fair to him, so, after 8 yrs,with me, i gave him to the greyhound folks and they will not let me have any contact. I still cry-----it is the hardest thing I have ever done and I wish for him to be here, but that is selfish-he now has a companion, younger female greyhound, which should help. But------thank God for people to save big guys like you, Argus--------now you know love!