Thursday, January 24, 2008

Images From HELL

People often ask me about the conditions in which Argus was being kept. Here are photos of Argus as well as Bobby, the other Thoroughbred gelding involved in this case.

Both horses were kept for nearly 16 years in the mare motel pens you see. They belonged to a hoarder. The property is in deplorable condition. Their pens were never cleaned, their water tubs were never cleaned. Look at the photo of Bobby, and you can see pieces of bread on the ground. The green feed cart in the background is filled with loaves of bread. These horses existed on bread and rotting produce for most of their lives.

Those who have been to the property say that the one thing photos cannot capture is the sickening smell. Rats were crawling all over the horses' feed. Outside the pens, 32 bales of hay stands neatly stacked and tarped --- and unused.

Argus and Bobby were stabled across from each other, so that they could see each other, but could never touch.

"Bobby" --- Teenage Thoroughbred gelding is currently in foster care in Sonoma County, CA. Bobby is sweet and gentle, and was on the track in his youth. He is available for adoption through the Sonoma CHANGE Program.

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Of course, here is our Argus. This is where he spent his entire life. The mud you see caked on him was like cement, and took many hours of gentle currying, combined with vaseline and warm water, to remove. His mane was over 30 inches long and horribly matted. Argus' tail was removed at some point by the owner due to his legs being so badly tangled in the matted tail.

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For more information on adopting either Bobby or Argus, contact them at or contact me regarding Argus at

CHANGE relies on donations in order to provide care to the horses in its program. Donations to the CHANGE program can be sent to:

CHANGE Program
1120 Industrial Avenue, Suite 13-14
Petaluma, CA 94952
(As soon as the IRS grants a tax ID number, it will be sent to you for deduction purposes)


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and read it all. It is just heartbreaking to think of the hell that poor, dear Argus endured. Knowing that his sister is still in that hell makes me physically sick. Do you think there is any way to get her out?
Pam Towne
Milton, VT

Kim said...

I also just found your blog this morning and read it all. Agree with Pam, his sister must be set free. But in the meanwhile, THANK YOU for saving Argus. A horse/animal lover since birth, this story brings tears to my eyes.
You've got yourself a regular reader!

Kim said...

PS. I linked to you.
Please let me know if that's not okay (

Idiomagic said...

I just found your blog through Fugly Horse of the Day...don't worry, you're listed as a success story! ;)

It's wonderful that such a great horse as Argus is being given a second chance at life...Thank you for your patience and your tireless efforts.

Could you please post a link for donations, or point me in the right direction if I just missed it? I can't afford much, but what I have, I'd like to give.

Gwyndyn Alexander
Austin, TX

Anonymous said...

I'm with Idiomagic...Where do I send my check?! I, too, found this blog through FHOTD and am stunned at the horror poor Argus had to live through. A big THANK YOU to you for bringing him back from what must have been madness. You are an incredibly kind person.
Can't wait for most postings of his successes and an eventual permanent home!

SOSHorses said...

I just finished reading your blog after being alerted to it by FHOTD. You are a wonderful writer and should expand on Argus' tale and publish it to raise proceeds to benifit your rescue org. His tale is turely touching and you have such a vivid way of relaying the accomplishments of this sweet horse. I thank the heavens for people like you who are willing to share the patients, love and understanding they hold inside to reach out to animals who can not tell us what they fear. It takes a special person to speak horse.

Thank you SO much for sharing Argus' story with us, and for being there for him when everyone else had failed him.

What can we do to save his sister?

Paducah, KY

Morgan said...

Another person over from FHOTD and I just wanted to say Thank You for all the work you're putting in on this guy. I'm really excited to see what else is in store for this fella.

Amazing Work!

Anonymous said...

Another person from FHOTD.

I agree with SOSHorses. You are a wonderful and talented writer. You should continue and consider finding a publisher for a book.

I am reading about Argus with tears falling down my face. How much he has grown in the short time you have had him with you. Keep it up.

TopO'theMorgan said...

Another one from FOTHD

I just finished reading all of your posts on Argus... you are to be commended for your dedication and compassion- Argus was truly lucky to find you!!