Monday, January 28, 2008

Where To Send Donations

This morning, a number of emails came in from people who are inspired by Argus' story and would like to help with a donation. For those who asked, donations may be sent to CHANGE, the program started by Dr. Grant Miller (the kind vet who helped get Argus out of hell).

Please specify that your donation be used toward "Argus." Every little bit helps!

Their 501(c)3 status is pending, so as soon as a federal tax ID number is granted, it will be sent to you for deduction purposes.

CHANGE Program
1120 Industrial Avenue, Suite 13-14
Petaluma, CA 94952

The website is

Feel free to email me directly with questions, or if you might be interested in being Argus' lifetime home. He is located in Santa Rosa, CA, and needs to be placed within easy driving distance. My email is, or you may phone me at 707-544-7584.


This is a short update, as duty calls and I must get the children off to school.

It's been raining cats and dogs around here, so Argus has spent a lot of time in the barn. His right front knee is slightly arthritic, and gets stiff, so gentle hand walks are in order. This can be difficult, as he is afraid sometimes of my rain gear, so I end up walking him, in the rain, while I am wearing my funny old puffy down coat. He is wet, I am wet. We laugh at each other.

On Saturday, Argus and his friend Ridge took advantage of a break in the rain to have some turnout in the arena. It is a good things I booted them up fully! They started out calm and easy, but started cantering a bit too much ---- a surprise since this has NEVER happened like this before!! We had a hard time catching them once they got going, and for a moment, I was afraid one or both would go sailing right over the 5 foot arena fence. Imagine, two leggy grey Thoroughbreds careening at break-neck speed around a large arena, their frantic "mom" yelling "WHOA! WHOA!" and yelling for the kids to bring a bucket of grain.

We got them calmed down, finally. Sweaty, shaking, happy and tired. After a long cool-down walk, I tucked Argus in bed. He looked at me for a long moment before he dug into his hay. I could tell he was content.

The vet comes out next week. We will inject Argus' bum knee, hoping to make him more comfortable. When Argus is sedated, the vet will adjust his poll (very painful misalignment) and I will give Argus a trace clip.

Argus next lesson: lungeing. It's time for some controlled exercise. This boy is getting more fit!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Katie -
As soon as I recover from what I call "the incredible lightness of wallet" following the holidays, I will be sending along a mite for this beautiful boy. I am sorry not to have left notes here for a week, but it has been crazy. I work for a moving company, and the rain is almost as much fun for us as it is for horse people!
Please, if you have a chance, explain to a person who is not a horse owner what is involved in a maladjusted poll? (I do know what a "poll" is, but am not sure what is involved in Argus's condition?
Thanks to you, and skritches to Argus, Ridge, and the others.
Best - Jean in Seaside

Argus' Foster Mom said...

To Jean in Seaside...

Argus arrived at my farm with his "atlas," the first cervical vertebra pushed off to one side. It's called the atlas because it sits under the head, much like the mythical atlas that held up the world. This is very painful. You may have experienced this at one wake up and cannot move your head to one side, and it takes a few days to resolve.

Argus is a regular chiropractic mess!! His pelvis is tucked under his body, and he sort of hurts all over. Unfortunately, adjustments must be made under sedation as he gets so tense with strangers.

The vet adjusted Argus in December, but he needs another adjustment. When you feel his neck on either side, right behind each ear, it feels like there are hot grapefruits inside his body!

Thanks for asking!

Windy_Withers said...

Hi Katie,

Just wanted to drop you a line and compliment you on your writing and passion. It brought tears to my eyes. Also to let you know you're not alone-- I probibly would have done the same thing and think you have done a wonderful job. If you get a chance, wander over to my blog-- my third personal rescue to my herd, I've lost count otherwise! A beautiful grey as well, blind only because she couldnt turn barrels, so she wasnt worth the eye infection medication.I scooped her up and she ended up being pregnant! What a journey, but their joy keeps us going.


Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog from the Fugly Horse of the Day blog, and let. me tell you. I have also seen horses in terrible condition due to hoarders, and you have given me a fresh hope and new inspiration to get out there and rescue my own "Argus." Except that my "Argus" is a chestnut Lippitt Morgan mare named Harmony. She's in a dirty barn with six other horses, one with pretty decently bad rain rot on his back, and no water. The SPCA has been investigating this case for several months, and I'm currently trying to raise enough money to get these guys fostered and adopted.

I am so thankful that there are still people in the world who love their animals enough to do something. You're an angel.

Give Arge and Ridge and everyone else hugs and scratches for me.

Rachel, in Virginia

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing wonderful story.
Your whole family, including Argus is amazing.

Anonymous said...

You are truly one of the best of humankind! Thank you for rescuing all the horses you have and especially for overseeing Argus' rebirth. His story is painful to read, but inspiring, and ultimately joyful!

I look forward to watching his progress.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to both you and Argus.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I'm glad to hear Argus is so happy and well cared for with you. You are doing a wonderful job with him.

God bless you and your family.

Take care,

Is there any possiblity of getting his sister out of that hell hole??

Anonymous said...

You guys are so wonderful for taking in this gelding and helping him know a REAL life. He is lucky that some one as compassionate and knowledgeable as you found a way into his life and intervened. I wish you the best and cannot wait to see how he improves with time and the great care you have been giving him.

A lot of people talk about starvation and such (which is serious!) but a lot don't realize the mental and emotion ramifications such neglect and abuse can have on an animal. Your blog presents such a closeness that only those who have rescued animals and been invovled with their rehabilitation know. Thank you for posting your experiences with him, and hopefully it will help educate people as well as inspire.

I was also curious if there is any way his sister (and any other horses) could be rescued as well? I can't imagine AC wanting to leave MORE horses in such deplorable conditions.

Anonymous said...


There is a spot in Heaven for you, of this I am certain. Give Argus a smooch from his pals here in Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...


There is a spot in Heaven for you, of this I am certain. Give Argus a smooch from his pals here in Massachusetts.

I couldnt agree more.

Argus' story is both beautiful and sincere. Your style of writing is simply amazing(have you ever considered writing a book?)

Give Argus and all the other my love from Pennsylvania.

Best, KT in PA

Anonymous said...

Wow, what you are doing proves we can hold faith in humans. Your blog brought tears to my eyes to know how happy this horse is to be saved and everything you are doing for him. It is amazing, you & your family must be angels!

Good job, it is wonderful what you are doing :)

kbryan said...

What a wonderful thing that you have done. Argus sounds like a horse with a very great heart. What you've done with him, and your understanding of him is incredible. You are both an inspiration!

Are there still horses at the place he came from? If so, can anything at all be done to remove them from HELL. I'd like to help in some way if I can.

Thank you for all that you've done.


citydog said...

Thank you for helping Argus and for sharing his story with us.

Wither skritches from Vermont.