Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Galloping Into The New Year

Things seem to happen overnight with Argus. I'll bet he feels the same way. One day he was sitting in prison, the next he was a guest at a farm.

On New Year's Eve, Argus was turned out into the arena, as usual, with his mentor and fellow grey Thoroughbred, Ridge. They did their usual games of "I'll look scary while you walk away fast" and "Let's stick our heads through the fence and look for grass." All was well.

It was getting late, time to put two sleepy horses to bed. My daughter brought Ridge in first.

Argus did not like that.

Without a sign of panic, rather exuberance, Argus calmly turned away from the arena gate and took off, trotting. I'm OK with that, movement is good for him, and I've learned by now that Argus is sensible and doesn't generally move more than his body can take.

He gained speed, breaking into a canter. I stopped and watched the canter become a very sensible gallop. Again, not worried.

Argus methodically hand galloped TWICE around our large arena. I was speechless!! I have only seen him canter a few strides on occasion, as his knee is arthritic and painful. But this time, he looked good, comfortable, in control. The muscles and ligaments and tendons are starting to remember a life from long ago.

After the second loop, Argus dramatically slid to a stop at the arena gate, spraying me with footing. He stood nervously, weaving wildly. He wanted back in the barn with Ridge.

I congratulated him. His eyes were happy. He was breathing like a chain smoker. He held out his head for me to snap the lead rope onto his halter, and calmly walked with me from the arena back to the barn.


Anonymous said...

wow. the victory circle.

goose said...

wow... a victory circle, exactly. this blog has been very inspirational, but that was the first term used to make me cry.