Saturday, January 19, 2008

Letters To Argus & Visits With Strangers

Every day, I receive a phone call or e-mail regarding Argus.

(Several people have mentioned to me that they are unable
to post comments on
Argus' blog because they cannot make
a Google identity. When you go to post
a comment, click on
the "Anonymous" button, and you can post your comment


Here is a letter from a woman in California, received today:

"....I have been following with
interest and gratitude the story of your Argus....

This story fills me with anguish, joy and hope, as I'm
sure it does you. Why in the world people deal with
creatures as Argus was dealt with I cannot fathom, but
thank goodness that you and your family were there to
give Argus a real home, and a chance to be a horse. He
certainly is a brave and resilient fellow, isn't he?
And how wonderful of you all, including your horses,
to make him part of the family.

I think you were very wise and kind to preserve his
original name. Since he had no real associations with
it before coming to you, it seems good to let him keep
it. It is, after all, HIS, one of the only things left
to him after his imprisonment. I looked it up in the
dictionary of names, and it is Greek in origin,
meaning "watchful or observant." Given his tendency to
keep an eye on things, it seems appropriate, don't you
think? I am sure that you are correct in saying that
his habits of gazing were born of a need to occupy his
mind and preserve his sanity, but still, it fits.

I appreciate more than I can say what you are doing,
and your generosity in sharing it with us. Have a
wonderful Saturday, and please give Argus a hug from
me and my family, and tell your family how much we
admire what they - and you, of course! - are doing.

J.L, California


Argus is meeting lots of new people, and this is good.

I want him to get to know the world,
and all of the good people in it. The other day, Argus
met a local horsewoman, Cynthia, who has followed
his blog. He greeted her with warmth and eagerness,
and allowed her to pet him. He was NOT shaking,
NOT nervous, NOT afraid.

I was so proud of him. He is such a remarkable horse.

Later that day, Argus met our farrier. Argus has only
had his feettrimmed a handful of times in his life, the
most recent being in December, under heavy sedation.
I have been working with Argus, and he can now pick
up all four feet nicely,but having a farrier handle and
trim him will likely produce lots of nervousness. So the
other day, our farrier, Mare (yes, Mare) was here shoeing
horses. I asked her to go in and visit with Argus, feed him
some cookies, and just allow him to smell her. Argus was
great! Friendly and curios. Mare petted him gently and
gave him cookies. Then he allowed her to pick up each of
his front feet, and pick them!! He was relaxed
and happy. This is a great start for a horse who was
terrified of people not that long ago.

Many people write and ask if I will be "keeping" Argus.
In truth, I would love to, but I have 8 horses here, mostly
old rescues with special needs, to support----and I want to
open my barn again to a horse in need. Argus will
remain in foster care here with me until a perfect home
is found. He will be placed locally, so that I can monitor him.
Please let me know if you live within a hour of Santa Rosa
and have time, love, experience and the facility to house
Argus in comfort for the rest of his life!! He will be
available for adoption this Spring. He is a nice horse,
easy to manage, and gets along well
with other horses.

My email is

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Pony Tail Club said...

Dear Argus: Here is a quote from Winnie the Pooh, and I think it is perfect for you.

"Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh

Wishing you all the happiness you deserve in your new life.